Don't Make These 5 Mistakes...

Mistake #1: Thinking that Hawaii is too expensive for you.


There are excellent properties at just about every price point---and now with lower listing prices, lower interest rates and bigger discounts being accepted by sellers, the "affordability" factor is the best in many years.


Example: Bob & his wife Daz shopped carefully for the right home --- we found them the perfect property on 4+ acres at over 40% off asking price.

Mistake #2: Thinking that every property will sell at a big discount.


Buyer demand is still high for the most desirable North Hawaii properties---and sellers who are financially stable won't accept large

discounts. The local Big Island market here may not keep pace with the discountswe may see across the country. 

Mistake #3: Making low-ball offers & thinking it will get you the best deal...

Some Buyers will begin with a purchase offer so low that the Seller responds with a very high counter offer price. Rather than creating agreement, there can be a tone of opposition. There is a fine art to choosing what price to  offer---taking into account the Seller's urgency to sell, how reasonable the asking price is, and much the Buyer is willing to pay.

Our experience shows that very low offers rarely result in a successful purchase. Instead, careful homework about Seller motivation and market values will result in an offer price that might sting a little but will move the parties to agreement.

Mistake #4: Thinking your investment is "lost money"

Truth---It's money in the bank 

Your purchase of Hawaii property should never be thought of as "lost money" but rather a great investment in some of the most rare and desirable land in the world. When you make a sensible purchase here, owning property in Hawaii can give both strong financial returns and offer you some of the highest quality of life in the world.


Mistake #5:  Shopping by price alone

Compared with the rest of the state of Hawaii, Big Island property prices are the most affordable overall. But prices may still seem higher than many parts of the country. They often are---especially in the more desirable parts of the island. But you might justify paying a higher price by knowing that a well-researched purchase of a property you love will retain its value.

Shopping by price alone often means you settle for something you might not really be happy with---and perhaps a future buyer might not either. So while we never suggest you reach beyond your means, shopping by price alone may not help you have your Hawaii dream property.

And one more for good measure...

Mistake #6:  Thinking you can't get a loan

There are still a variety of lenders making loans in the Hawaii market---if you have a reasonable down payment and good credit, we can recommend several Hawaii-based lenders to help you explore loan options.

Also, some Sellers are offering financing, too---so ask us about those properties.

Making low-ball offers to get the best deal

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